Let's face it, British guys are amazing. Cats are amazing. Together they create the ultimate eye candy.

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Ultimate proof that cats are smart !!! more smart cats«

Cat intelligence is actually a pretty interesting topic in that the majority of studies on the subject basically have to end in the conclusion "we just don’t know" because cats are among the most uncooperative research subjects of all time. We know a great deal of cat sight, having used cats as the archetype for a vision-focused vertebrate/mammal, but we still know very little about what really goes on inside the cat mind.

Cats can be incredibly, frighteningly intelligent. When it benefits them. You try to get them to do something solely for your own amusement, and you’ll get squat. Most dogs are motivated by praise, but cats are generally only motivated by personal gain of some sort.


I finally have internet in my apartment!! Let the bogging everything recommence!!

I have missed you all, but now I am back. Huzzah!

Top 5 Fictional ChaRActers



Post photos of your top five favourite fictional characters; tag other people (as many as you like); and ask them to tag others to keep the game going.

No one tagged me, but I’m doing it anyway, because I want to. 

1. Lucas North. No surprise there


2. John Standring


3. John Proctor


4. Thorin Oakenshield


5. Claude Monet. Because he laughed and smiled so damn much


Gifs belong to the wonderful circusgifs. Photo still has watermark.

I tag anyone who hasn’t done it yet, who hasn’t been tagged yet, or who wants to do it.

i’m reblogging this 100% and unabashedly because i did not realize that the Proctor costume included bare feet and i shrieked aloud whilst sitting on the toilet

thank G-d my housemates aren’t home, though i doubt they will be at all surprised


Excuse me no one told me about Claude Monet what do I have to watch what the fuck is he smiling about I cannot handle this.